Name Gadzookio
Age 2
Visual sensors Black
Antennae Black
Born Cleveland, Ohio
Favorite Books The Bible, The Odyssey, Service Manual for JR-331 Microwave Oven
Favorite Foods Oil, Rice Wine or any other alcoholic drink (Note: In the cleaned-up, altered version of the series broadcast in the United States, Gadzookio appears to be drinking some sort of carbonated beverage that resembles Green River. This change makes it a little harder to comprehend Gadzookio's zany, drunken behavior that often is crucial to the children escaping some tight situation. The scripted excuse is that soft drinks "make Gadzookio's circuits go haywire.")
Hobbies Rapping, getting drunk ("haywire"), playing practical jokes
Pet Peeves Zack's mother, Anna, awkward dramatic moments in the plot, the morning after