News and Updates

1:10a.m. June 21st, 2005

Added some new quotes. Hopefuly soon I'll have one or two episodes for the episode guide up.

1:30p.m. October 4th, 2004

Uploaded my cover of the Supertome Theme song.

12:20p.m. September 27th, 2004

Put up the character profiles.

9:21p.m. August 25th, 2004

Added the Gadzookio image at the bottom to make the page look a little more alive.

7:12a.m. August 15th, 2004

The site is now up. I intend to make the web's premier (and, incidentally, only) site devoted to one of the greatest cartoons ever made. All of the content will someday be finished and available. Things left to do: an episode guide, fan artwork, audio and video clips, and an online version of my petition to demand Fugiyamutsushi Media put out a DVD set.

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